About Wikipedia Padlocks

A fully-protected page cannot be edited or moved by anybody, unless they are an administrator, interface-admin, or staff member. The main page is an example of it. A cascade protected page and its items mean that it will always be fully protected. Full Protection

A semi-protected page cannot be edited by users who are either not signed in or have an account but are not yet autoconfirmed (made at least 10 edits and had an account for at least 1/2 a week). Over 2,100,000 users are autoconfirmed, so only 26.25% of users cannot edit these pages. Semi-Protection

A Template-editor protected page can only be edited by template editors/admins, exclusive to templates. Template Protection

An example of a lock:
Lock Example

A Move-protected page can only be moved (changing the page name) by administrators. Move Protection

An Upload protected page only allows you to overwrite the file if you are an admin. Upload Protection

An extended confirmed page cannot be edited by non-admins, unless they had an account for 1 month and have made 1/2K edits. Extended Confirmation Protection

An interface protected page can only be edited by interface administrators; it is always permanent. Interface Protection

Admins can also prevent creating a page. Create Protection

Some pages are protected by the office too.

Version 1.23
// Page protection indicators ;(function($, mw) { 'use strict'; const config = mw.config.get([ 'wgRestrictionEdit', 'wgIsMainPage', 'wgAction' ]); const protectionLevelData = config.wgRestrictionEdit; if ( // Null on nonexistent or special pages. Avoids a crash there. !protectionLevelData || // No need to display the indicator when viewing history or editing the page config.wgAction !== 'view') { return; } function getImageThumbnailURL(name, store, size) { const encodedName = mw.util.wikiUrlencode(name); return 'https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/minecraft_gamepedia/images/' + store + '/' + encodedName + '/revision/latest'; } function mimicIndicator(id, link, imgName, imgStore, title) { const encodedLink = mw.util.getUrl(link); return $('') .attr({ 'href': encodedLink, 'title': title }).append($('') .attr({ 'alt': title, 'src': getImageThumbnailURL(imgName, imgStore, 25), 'srcset': getImageThumbnailURL(imgName, imgStore, 38) + ' 1.5x, ' + getImageThumbnailURL(imgName, imgStore, 50) + ' 2x', 'width': '25', 'height': '25' }) ); } const protectionLevel = protectionLevelData[0]; if (protectionLevel === 'autoconfirmed') { // [[File:Semi-protected page lock.png]] mimicIndicator( 'protection-semi', 'Minecraft Wiki:Autoconfirmed users', 'Semi-protected page lock.png', '9/9b', 'This page is semi-protected so that only registered users can edit it.' ).prependTo($('.page-header__actions')); } else if (protectionLevel === 'directoreditprotected') { // [[File:Director-protected page lock.png]] mimicIndicator( 'protection-director', 'Minecraft Wiki:Directors', 'Director-protected page lock.png', '8/85', 'This page is directors-only protected so that only directors can edit it.' ).prependTo($('.page-header__actions')); } else if (protectionLevel === 'sysop') { // [[File:Fully-protected page lock.png]] mimicIndicator( 'protection-full', 'Minecraft Wiki:Administrators', 'Fully-protected page lock.png', '4/49', 'This page is fully protected so that only administrators can edit it.' ).prependTo($('.page-header__actions')); } })(window.jQuery, window.mediaWiki);