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This Is The History Of Work At A Pizza Place On roblox. 2008 was when the game was released. the game was so pouplar,and was the 22nd most pouplar game on roblox. In 2009, Horses were removed, which dued1 replaced with cars as Horses were too primitive, as well as a furniture shop by pressing Q on a break, and the pizza was also now round. in 2010, the dump was added,replacing the shop,as well as a new layout. in 2011,2012, and 2013, the game did not recive updates. in 2014,a large update was made,it added a new logo,new branding,double time, new textures, and more! in 2015 pets,emotes and a new UI was added. in 2016, the UI was updated,and a little stuff was added.in 2017 the dump was closed. Fun Fact: Many WAAPP old remakes are from the 2017 version. in 2018,the old conveyor was removed,and is now a oven,hard mode was added,as well as a trash can.in 2022,neon time,camera,and a star system was added. the end!